At Elliott | Adler LLC, we often remark that the legal services we provide to our clients are as varied as the clients themselves. No two of our clients have identical legal needs; we provide each with personal service tailored to their specific business or profession requirements.

Perhaps the best way to illustrate our brand of service is to provide just a few examples of the work we have done for our clients within the past year.

  • One client that develops computer-based business enhancement solutions came to us for an equipment and software sales and security agreement, a sales representation agreement, and a confidential disclosure agreement.
  • For the developer of an educational enhancement software program, we negotiated agreements with school systems, assisted in the grant application process, provided advice on intellectual property issues, and offered general business counseling.
  • A government contractor needed our help to analyze software development consulting contracts with private companies in order to ensure that the contracts complied with federal regulations.
  • A company that designs and sells security, fire protection and information systems needed our help with government contracting issues; on the private side, we helped the firm set up a separate entity as a licensed electrical contractor.
  • The seller in an asset sale of a retail service business engaged our help, which included a lease reassignment and secured promissory notes.
  • We represented a publicly traded company as the buyer in multiple selected asset purchases, including the acquisition of certain intellectual property.
  • For an educational nonprofit, we prepared a nonexclusive licensing agreement for the use of its intellectual property, including copyrighted material.
  • A nonprofit engaged in medical education recently engaged us to initially advise and then redraft its internal governance documents, including bylaws, code of ethics and professional complaint administrative procedures. Thereafter, the client engaged us as its regular outside counsel.
  • Obtained trademark protection for the multiple marks in use by a professional association.
  • Prepared software licensing agreements for a marketing company, including ASP and shrink wrap versions.
  • Provided counsel and developed a code of conduct for an international buying group of retail stores.
  • Prepared a publishing and license agreement for a new quarterly trade publication with a circulation in excess of 900,000 subscribers.
  • Compiled and edited client publication on appraisal standards and appraiser conduct (second edition).
  • Prepared marketing agreement for software product developer.
In fact, the only thing our clients have in common is the need for practical, effective and timely legal advice, tailored to the specific needs of their business. Contact us to discover how we can provide our individualized service to you.

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